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Limousine Service

What to Expect from a Professional Limousine Service


A limousine service offers their clients a car and a private chauffeur. The limo will generally be hired by the hour and the end price greatly depends on the type of limousine hired, how much the fuel costs, and any extras their clients want. A limo service is usually advertised as a safer way to take young adults to their prom or to travel to special events, weddings, etc. The limo usually has special features such as DVD players, tinted windows, a minibar, and a TV.

The prices of these services do vary dramatically. How many hours a client wants to hire the vehicle, its features and seating capacity, and the distance traveled all go to affect the final cost. Plus, depending on the area, some of the chauffeurs will expect a tip of a minimum of 15%, which could be mandatory and added to the final bill.

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