The History of the Limousine

How the Limousine Transportation Service Evolved from It’s Beginning until Modern Days

In a way, the concept of a chauffeured vehicle has been in existence since the 1700’s. The first chauffeured vehicles were horse drawn carriages. These carriages were uses mostly by wealthy people. The first horse drawn carriage was used in France, in a town called Limoges – this is where the word limousine is coming from. The main feature of those carriages was that the driver was in an entirely different compartment than the passengers. Although the limousine transportation service has come a long way since then, this feature is still the main difference between limousines and other means of transportation.

The first automobile limo was developed in 1902. It was designed so that the chauffeur was in a separate compartment than the passengers. The limo itself looked very similar to the horse drawn carriages, with the difference that instead of a horse, there was an engine, of course.

In 1928, the first stretch limousine was created. At first, this type of limo was used mostly by famous big band leaders who were traveling to various parts of the country. As a result, these limousines were often refereed to as “big band buses”.

The limo industry exploded after 1930. Almost all major hotels in the states were using limousines to transport their clients. Immediately afterward, the movie industry started using limousines abundantly. These limos were used to carry film crews and stage personnel around movie sets. Obviously, every major actor and actress had their own limousines.

Thanks to the luxury, style, comfort, and other benefits that limousines were offering, limo usage has grown in many countries. In the United States, the limousine transportation service has made a major leap when the government implemented the “no drink and drive” policy.

Today, limos are still used to shuttle the rich and famous, but they are also designed to carry a much larger number of people. For more information about limousines, please contact Jacob's Sedan & Limousine Service LLC. We have some of the most dependable and luxurious limousines in Baltimore, MD.

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