Personalized Limo Service

The World’s Strangest Limo

When you need a personalized service to take you to the airport or you just want to make a good impression, the best option is hiring a limo service. However, some people can afford to have their own limousine and a private chauffeur, and other people are going an extra mile to stand out from the rest, here are the oddest limos ever.

Hummer is one of the toughest cars ever made, so it is difficult to imagine a pink Hummer and even harder to imagine a pink limo Hummer. However, this is becoming very popular among young ladies to celebrate any special occasion like a prom, or the 21st birthday party.

Moreover, limos can also be created by joining two cars together and making a large one, they are known as redneck limousines. You can join any two cars together and make a personalized limo, but the experiment doesn’t always go right. For example, if you join the front part of a Seat Alhambra and the back of a Ford Explorer, the result is an outrageous limo.

We all agree that a limo service offers an outstanding quality service, comfort and class; therefore, when you make a redneck limousine with two random cars that don’t even match in color, you loose all the class and style that a genuine limo offers. Finally, the wold’s longest limousine is 100 feet long, it has 26 tires, a lot of room for passengers, jacuzzi, beds and even a helipad. We guess the owner has to do long trips and needs some rest and comfort.

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